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It will feel like everything has come down to this very moment when you have one sip of pure bliss of our Crown Chakra Beauty Tea. Yes heaven has decended upon the earth and the clouds have parted with the intense level of flavor that will touch your very soul. Our Crown Chakra Beauty Tea will evoke a spiritual experience with its divine flavor As you taste the tea, watch how your senses burst into states of extasy and come alive inside and out. With every sip, become enlightened, have epiphanies moving faster than the speed of light. With ingredients such as Marshmallow root, Ginkgo Biloba, Chaste Tree Berry, St. Johns Wort, Wintergreen Leaf, White Willow Bark, Star Anise, Pink Rose, Rosemary you are sure to have a wake up call. Indulge yourself with each and every taste, take it all in cause all we really have is this moment – so make this moment count!

You will see that this extraordinary Crown Chakra Beauty Tea is a mixture that was created open you up to higher levels of consciousness and understanding, wisdom, knowledge and to amplify the senses for a rich spiritual connection. As you consume the tea, within it are the perfect healing qualities that will help to unblock any energy that is in your way to being a vessel for positive change in the world. This blend of herbs is nature’s medicine and works preventatively and holistically to heal and purify your Crown Chakra while giving your body the nutrients it needs so that your energy flows.

Signs of being blocked in your Crown Chakra:



Overly intellectual

Disconnect spiritually


Hair Loss

Inability to think clearly and express yourself

Loss of Memory

This Chakra Beauty Tea cleanses the whole Crown Chakra area of the body – the top of the head, where thought processes exist and is used prevent blocked energy in those areas. Whenever your system is clear and energy is flowing, the skin, hair and nails are clear, vital and radiant. When it is out of balance from feasting on gourmet foods and rich desserts, it can cause the body the body to get out of balance and becomes acidic. All of the blockages are a result of this blockage and the signs that show up on the skin are blemishes around the hairline and near the eyebrows.


Usage: As a Tea: We recommend that you drink our Crown Chakra Beauty Tea for its healing effects each morning and evening, you only need 1 teaspoon per cup of water and let it simmer. If you wish to add more sweetness, we suggest adding raspberries, dried or fresh with Raspberry Agave Nectar. Herbal Remedy: You can also grind the tea up and put it into capsules to use the potent healing effects of the whole plant. Take this blend as a healing herb for physical conditions associated with the Crown Chakra will work holistically to open the Crown Chakra. We recommend doing this for one month. Bath: Create a Tea bath by placing the Crown Chakra Beauty Tea into a tea bag and then put into the bath water. Experience the all encompassing healing effects from the outside in.


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