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This Crown Chakra Spritz will help you to open up your Crown Chakra and to create a wellness journey. This Spritz has been made specifically for Chakra Balancing Meditation, Sacred Beauty Bath, Chakra Balancing Massage, Holistic Healing work and getting the energy to flow by Exercising.

It is no accident that you were drawn to this blend of exotic oils. You are drawn to exactly what you need to create balance in your These products are potent healing and creative tools.

Signs that your Crown chakra is out of balance:

. Feeling bogged down.

. You are taking care of everyone except for you.

. You need to air out.

. Feeling limited.

. Being unclear about your purpose.

. Not making an impact in the world.

. Your ego has taken over.

. You feel disconnected to who you are.

. You are avoiding stepping into your power, potential and leadership.

. You feel like your prayers are not being answered and you have no power around a situation.

. You are withdrawn and depressed.

. You can’t get out of your head and do something different than you have been doing.

How do you know that the Crown Chakra Meditation Oil and Spritz has worked?

. Profound levels of clarity.

. Life alters and you are taking on a new way of thinking, new patterns and taking new actions.

. You have a spiritual experience.

. You are freed up and feeling connected.

. You believe in yourself.

. You see that anything is possible.

. You have stepped into your true creative potential.

. You have taken on a humanitarian effort and making a difference for people.

. You have taken on a leadership role.

. You are enlightened and ecstatic that you have taken on something new in your life that is innovative.

. You have invented something way ahead of its time.

Ingredients Include: Combining pure essential oils of cistus, rose otto, myrrh, frankinscense cart. Sandalwood, lavender and other essential oils with Spring water, infused flower essences and clear quartz.



HOW TO USE: These multipurpose blends can be used daily during any of your Wellness and Beauty practices to add a whole new dimension to your experience. Spritz your Crown Chakra at the center of the top of your head to open your Crown Chakra followed by Spritzing around your body to pull the energy from the inside out. · ENVIRONMENT - Spritz into the environment for environmental fragrancing and to create sacred space. · MEDITATE - Do a daily mediation while waving the fragrance under your nose for an extended period of time, listen to your thoughts and act on those inspirations. Spritz on your face and over your head to enliven the senses. · EXERCISE - Spritz the oil onto your Crown chakra and then do Kundalini Yoga Exercises or White Tantric Yoga for the Crown Chakra such as inverted postures to get your energy flowing or do any other exercises that focuses attention on the Crown chakra area of the body – between the eyes - the center of insights, spirituality and dreams. When you combine movement with the oils, your senses become heightened. While exercising, the postures become challenging, Spritz around the head and body to disperse energy blocks and intensity. After you have Spritzed, this product helps you shift your focus and attention on the scent rather than the discomfort. It will feel as if you have started the postures from scratch! · BATH - Hold the Spritz under your nose and meditate, while you hold a crystal to focus your energy and as an amplifier. Spritz after your meditation to enliven the senses. · MASSAGE - Create a chakra balancing massage by spritzing over the body before massaging. This oil is great for Cranial Sacral Work and any forms of Hands on Healing. Spritz after the massage to enliven the senses. . HOLISTIC HEALING - Use with Crystal Therapy. Use with any higher realm spiritual work. Use to clear your mind, anytime you have mental blockages. · SKINCARE – Spritz your face after you have used your moisturizer to amplify creativity and to create goals for your day. . WATER - Add a Spritz into water to create Healing Beauty Waters and drink. · ART – Spritz onto a blank canvas to use the subtle energy of nature for inspiration. This oil will bring in the energy of Sacred environments (Spiritual Votexes such as New Mexico, Sedona or other sacred sites) to inspire your artwork and follow by painting.


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