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DUAL Foundation Powder Zoom

DUAL Foundation Powder

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Beauty will hit you square in the face, in a heartbeat, and a Beauty Queen will be born when you use our Dual Powder Foundation for Oily and Combination Skin. And when it does, it will help you to balance the extremities of oil on the skin while giving you the flexibility of applying it wet or dry, to give you, your desired level of coverage. In one moment, poof! You'll see your skin transforming into a sheer state of perfection. When you look into the mirror, you will look like an Actress living and breathing a romance novel, because you will sooooo love what you see. It is no wonder that brides use this product for their wedding makeup and actresses use it for performances to move an audience, because the initial usage of this product was inspired by the romantic nature and beauty felt in the mountains with fields of flowers beneath it. This is why with each sweep of powder onto your skin, it will give you subtle beauty effects, while allowing your skin to breathe and to totally look like you. You are sure to find your perfect match of color, with our vast number of pigments that are available in 9 cool neutral shades and 9 warm yellow shades. With your chosen color, you will have the freedom to add depth, substance and a richness to your look.


You will want to first prep your skin with Camera Ready Primer and then apply Trio Concealor. Once you get your Dual Powder Foundation color, dip your Luxurious Powder Brush or Medium Dome Shaped Brush into the powder and apply. For heavier coverage, simply dip a wet sponge into the base and apply it to your skin. It will dry on the skin down to a matte powder finish. You can also wear it by itself or as a powder. Simply dip a Fluffy Powder Brush on top of your powder and then wave it onto the top of your skin to create a light weight application. Now look into the mirror and become awestruck by your radiance and beauty. BEST SELLERS: Cool Neutral DN-4, Cool Neutral DN-5, Cool Neutral DN-7, Warm Yellow DC-3


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