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This Brow Chakra Spritz includes everything that you need to open up your Brow Chakra and to create a wellness journey. The items in this kit have been made specifically for a Chakra Balancing Meditation, Sacred Beauty Bath, Chakra Balancing Massage, Holistic Healing work and getting the energy to flow by Exercising.

It is no accident that you were drawn to this blend of exotic oils. You are drawn to exactly what you need to create balance in your life. The purpose of this blend is to remove energy blocks in your life. These products are potent healing and creative tools.

Signs that your Brow chakra is out of balance:

. You need some cave time

. You have bags under your eyes

. Everything seems blown out of proportion and you could use a fresh new perspective.

. You feel so emotional you could cry

. Headaches

. Your mind is racing at night and you can’t sleep

. Having nightmares

. Have fear of the unknown

. You are afraid of being in the void

. You have a fixed point of view

. You can’t get beyond your own thinking

. You feel spiritually disconnected

. You are not thinking for yourself

. You are having mental blockages

. Can't think straight

. You are not sure what you want for the future, lack of vision and clarity

. You are wanting to constantly escape and go to movies

. You just want to sleep

How do you know that the Brow Chakra Meditation Oil and Spritz has worked?

. You are clear about what you want for the future

. You are going for your dreams.

. It feels like all of the pieces of the puzzle in your life are coming together and there is a sense of wholeness.

. You are consciously creating your life.

. You are seeing through to the heart of things.

. People are coming to you for advice.

. You are psychic.

. You are looking at life from more of a spiritual perspective, seeing possibilities you hadn’t seen before. The sky is the limit.

. You can create anything.

. You are out of your own way.

. Your dreams have become a reality.

. You are known.

. You allow yourself to see and be seen.

. You have expanded your horizons and have taken on a new outlook in your life.

. You are open to other people’s points of view as being as valid as your own.

. Words of wisdom seem to just be constantly coming out of your mouth!

Ingredients Include: Combining pure essential oils of cedarwood, sandalwood, catnip, mugwort, chamomile, frankincense cart., with other essential oils with spring water, infused flower essences and clear quartz.



HOW TO USE: These multipurpose blends can be used daily during any of your Wellness and Beauty practices to add a whole new dimension to your experience. Apply your Brow Chakra Spritz onto your Brow Chakra which is located between your eyebrows, followed by Spritzing across the face to pull the energy from the inside out. · ENVIRONMENT - Spritz into the environment to to create sacred space. · MEDITATE - Do a daily mediation while wavying the fragrance under your nose for an extended period of time, listen to your thoughts and act on those inspirations. Spritz on your face and over your head to enliven the senses. · EXERCISE -Spritz onto your chakra and then do Kundalini Yoga Exercises, East Indian Temple dancing, Trance Dancing or any other exercise that focuses the attention on the Brow chakra area of the body – between the eyes - the center of insights, spirituality and dreams. When you combine movement with the oils, your senses become heightened. While exercising, the postures become challenging, Spritz around the head and body to disperse energy blocks and intensity. After you have Spritzed, this product helps you shift your focus and attention on the scent rather than the discomfort. It will feel as if you have started the postures from scratch! Spritz after exercising will awaken and enliven the senses. · BATH - Use your Spritz while meditating in the bathtub. Hold the scent under your nose, while you hold a crystal to focus your energy and as an amplifier. Spritz after your meditation to enliven the senses. · MASSAGE - Create a chakra balancing massage. Spritz the face and body before and after massages to open the mind and imagination. Include Light Therapy, Ayurvedic massages and Guided Meditations while massaging for an extraordinary experience. . HOLISTIC HEALING - Use with Guided Meditation and Crystal Therapy. Great to heighten your sense of sight - use along with Psychology sessions or other sessions to expand thinking, Psychic Readings, Face Readings, Eye Exercises, Rapid Eye Movement Therapy, Tarot Readings, for Dream Interpretation, Creative Visualization and Goddess healing work. Use to clear your mind, anytime you have mental blockages. · SKINCARE – Spritz your face after you have used your moisturizer to amplify creativity and to create goals for your day. · ART – Spritz on a blank canvas to use the subtle energy of the Cave environment to inspire your artwork and follow by painting.


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