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GREEN Pressed Color Therapy Eyeshadows

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Repeat after me, I am a money magnet, I am a money magnet. Whenever you wear any of our lavish highly concentrated Green Color Therapy Eyeshadows, everything you touch will turn to gold. Let me make it simple for you, every green shade you choose will give you the green light on success, bring out the Financial Guru in you and your social status will soar to new heights. Get your green on, fame and fortune are at your fingertips, by picking your favorite colors and textures that come in either matte or pearl shades. Just watch abundance come flying right at ya. Our color range is magnificent, and born to support you in making a great impression. As you explore the richness all of all of our power colors, feel yourself being drawn in like a magnet to your good luck charm that is the key to embrace and express your potential in the world. It is time to move some mountains and to turn some heads.
  • 208 Jungle M
  • 218 Emerald P
  • 256 Moss M
  • 292 Tattoo M
  • 320 Virtual M
  • 326 Sea foam P
  • 349 Oh Yeah P
  • 365 Flow M
  • 390 Pom Pom P
  • 395 Bewtich P
  • 404 Zombie M
  • 423 Popsicle M
  • 429 Splash M
  • 431 Fierce P
  • 454 Twisted P
  • 455 Kitchy M
  • 472 Big deal P
  • 478 Limeonade P
  • 496 Peppi Mint P
  • 501 Complicated P
  • 502 Far-Out P
  • 525 After Dark P
  • 546 Ornate P
  • 549 Cutting Edge P
  • 567 Green Scene P
  • 613 Lime Juice M
  • 614 Picky M



Once you have your shade in the palm of your hands, it will be a life changing experience. It is time to activate the magic of your product and have it work for you in the way that it was originally intended. Close your eyes and make a wish, feel the excitement as if you already have what you want. Open your eyes and then dip your Mini, Medium or Large Tapered Eyeshadow and Concealor brush, Large Tapered Eyeshadow Brush or Angled Eyeshadow Crease Brush or your Bent Eyeliner or Small Angle Eyeliner Brush into the soft, creamy, rich pigment. Tap to release any excess color and then touch the color onto your eyes, the hair on your arms is going to stand up! Apply the color, slowly in layers to create your level of intensity and drama - a little goes a long way! The more subtle the color, the more subtle the influence, the more intense the color the more intense the impact. With every stroke of color, see doors opening up to fulfill your desires, to come alive and be real in your life.Then blend. You can mix your color with Transfix to turn shadow into a water resistant liquid liner in seconds. Then, take a look into the mirror, feel the joy, excitement and bliss coming out of your heart and exuding all around you. BEST SELLERS: Complicated, Zombie


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