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This Heart Chakra Spritz includes everything that you need to open up your Heart Chakra and to create a wellness journey. The items in this kit have been made specifically for Chakra Balancing Meditation, Sacred Beauty Bath, Chakra Balancing Massage, Holistic Healing work and getting the energy to flow by Exercising.

It is no accident that you were drawn to this blend of Heart Chakra exotic oils.

You are drawn to exactly what you need to create balance in your life. The Heart Chakra blend will remove energy blocks in your Heart Chakra to open it up and create inspiration and balance in every area of your life. This product is a potent healing and creative tool.
Signs that you have an imbalance in the Heart Chakra.

Longing for more friends and for the love of your life to show up.
Feeling abandoned
Not wanting to open up and be vunerable
Not being present
Lack of self care
Not being true to yourself
Feeling out of balance
Having money issues
Challenges in your love life
Heart and lung problems, circulation issues and toxins coming out on the back of the arms
Lack of self acceptance and self love
You want more space

How do you know that the Heart Chakra Spritz has worked?

You are centered and balanced.
You feel open and free.
You are at a turning point in your life
Love is in the air - you meet your soul mate, get into a new relationship, get married or go to a wedding.
You discover new ways to nurture, love yourself and take care of every other area of your life at the same time.
You become present to what your heart desires and are acting on those inspirations.
You have a breakthrough in your finances.
You share what is authentically going on in your heart and it makes something available to you and others.
You are present in the moment.
You are being yourself.

Ingredients Include: Combining pure essential oils of geranium, rose, eucalyptus staig., neroli, lime, rosewood, lavender, palamarosa and other essential oils with spring water, infused flower essences and clear quartz.



HOW TO USE: These multipurpose blend can be used daily during any of your Wellness and Beauty practices to add a whole new dimension to your experience. Spritz your Heart Chakra Spritz onto your Heart Chakra which is located at the center of your heart to open the chakra, followed by Spritzing around the face to clear the mind. This product is a potent healing and creative tool. · ENVIRONMENT - Spritz into the environment to create Sacred Space. · MEDITATE - Wave under your nose while doing your daily mediation to heighten the senses and intensify inspiration. Once you are complete Spritz over the head. Listen to your thoughts and act on those inspirations. · EXERCISE - Use the Spritz onto the Heart Chakra and follow by doing Kundalini Yoga Exercises for the Heart Chakra such as cardio exercises to get your energy flowing. We also recommend doing Mountain climbing, Thai Chi, Nia to get your energy flowing. Use your Spritz when exercises become challenging to mentally and physically move through them. · BATH - Breathe in the scent of the Spritz while you are in the bath and meditate. Spritz when needed to cool off and to enliven the senses. Add green or light pink flower petals and green or pink color therapy for healing. Then Meditate with the Spritz under your nose, while you hold a crystal to focus your energy and as an amplifier. Spritz after your meditation to enliven the senses. · MASSAGE - Use your Spritz to create a chakra balancing aromatherapy product. Get a couples Massage, Lymphatic Massage and Oxygen Therapies and follow by Spritzing over the whole body to enliven the senses. . HEALING - Create an Aromatherapy Chakra Balancing Massage. Spray the essential oil over your face before your massage and follow by getting an Healing Massage. We recommend that you do Spritz on and around the body to enliven and wake up the senses at the end of your massage. · SKINCARE – Spritz your face after you have moisturized to amplify creativity and to inspire you to create your day powerfully. . WATER - Add to water to create Healing Beauty Waters and drink. · ART – Ad a few drops into your paint and then mix. Follow by painting to use the subtle energy of the environment of the Mountains to inspire your artwork and follow by painting.


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