Laura Leigh Beauty Makeup is a hybrid of intense Color Therapy Shades mixed with rich textures of Vegan Mineral Makeup. Together create any look and feeling under the sun.


  1. Mineral Bronzer

    BRONZE ENVY Mineral Bronzer

    Does your face and body look like it has not seen the light of day? Or legs look whiter than a ghost? Deliver the look of sun-kissed skin to bring out your best features. Our bronzers offer a boost to your confidence and the look of a savage tan. Our colors are so silky smooth and streak free that it will provide the flawless look usually achieved with hosiery, just without the bother. Our superior mineral powder formula is Talc Free and won’t dry your skin. You will love the long last of our densely pigmented powder and will be inspired by an unbelievable color selection that creates a soft golden shimmer. With Bronze Envy in your hands, you can easily create that ‘friendly but forceful’ vibe, concentrating color on your cheeks and body for dimension and depth to your natural bone structure. You can even be innovative and create ripples for your abs in just the right places to emphasize the impact of your most intense workout! With our easy to use packaging, simply pump the base of the brush to release the pigment, and soon you will have that healthy glow that will give you an iconic presence. We can barely keep this product on the shelves, because no matter what time or season it is, sunshine is in the forecast. Learn More

  2. GREEN Pressed Color Therapy Eyeshadows

    GREEN Pressed Color Therapy Eyeshadows

    Repeat after me, I am a money magnet, I am a money magnet. Whenever you wear any of our lavish highly concentrated Green Color Therapy Eyeshadows, everything you touch will turn to gold. Let me make it simple for you, every green shade you choose will give you the green light on success, bring out the Financial Guru in you and your social status will soar to new heights. Get your green on, fame and fortune are at your fingertips, by picking your favorite colors and textures that come in either matte or pearl shades. Just watch abundance come flying right at ya. Our color range is magnificent, and born to support you in making a great impression. As you explore the richness all of all of our power colors, feel yourself being drawn in like a magnet to your good luck charm that is the key to embrace and express your potential in the world. It is time to move some mountains and to turn some heads. Learn More

  3. HI DEF  Foundation Liquid

    HI DEF Foundation Liquid

    Our new Hi Definition Liquid Foundation will get you ready for the spotlight in no time! Learn More

  4. MINERAL Wand Powder Foundation

    MINERAL Wand Powder Foundation

    Does your makeup foundation feel like a mud slide, absorb into nothingness like a dry lake bed or leave spotty pigments behind? Well, we have a solution for you for the overly dry versus overly oily balancing act of beauty. Our innovative Mineral Wand Powder was made for the new generation of makeup. Learn More

  5. PENCIL Lip liner

    PENCIL Lip liner

    The sky is the limit as to all of the styles you can create with our rockin' Hypoallergenic Lip Liners. You can line, define, and leave your mark behind! The colors are so now, and with our huge range of trendy shades, you will be dazed and amazed. When you find your favorite shade, say bye-bye to bleeding and hello to a lipstick look that was born to stay. And, you will love how easy it is to use to sculpt and shape your lips to your hearts content. The consistency is great. It is not too soft and not too hard. It doesn't drag and lag behind on the lips and it doesn't leave pieces of pigment behind. Doesn't the thought of that ease give you peace of mind? As you design your own signature style, your personality is sure to shine through as you shape your style, create depth and dimension in your lips or to just fill in the whole darn thing. Our wide range of creamy colors can be worn alone or under your favorite lipstick or gloss. No matter what, your lips will look fresh all day. Learn More

  6. MATTE Lipstick

    MATTE Lipstick

    Whether you are a vixen with a crooked halo or a pretty smart damsel with a grown up taste for Mozart, you will be charmed by our vast array of luscious lip colors. Whatever your attitude our Matte Lipsticks are the perfect match to boost your energy while bringing beauty and glam to your lips. Find a color that speaks to you and you will love how it looks and feels on your lips. Each of our colors has an intense personality of its own that can be worn independently or with others. Our colors seduce the inner you to sing out and find new cadence and rhythm you may have not known existed. Supercharge your energy and express your wild side with our high volume reds, these colors put your lips on loudspeaker so you have no doubt that what you say is heard loud and clear. These Xtreme colors will be seen from miles away, there will be no mystery in the message coming out of your mouth, unless of course, it is your intention to leave them wondering. And when you are ready to slow down the pace, our brown tones are grounding and put a smile on your face. Relax, chic out, and see the beauty that explodes in and around you. Learn More

  7. PRESSED Mineral Foundation
  8. Mineral Pressed Blush

    Mineral Pressed Blush

    Features: 7 complexion boosting shades triple milled formula long wear formula both pearl and matte available can also be used as eyeshadow We took our top selling blush colors in our traditional line and reformulated them into our exclusive mineral formula Learn More

  9. Mineral Pressed Eyeshadow

    Mineral Pressed Eyeshadow

    Features: large eyeshadow pan size triple milled intense pigmentation long wear formula - See more at: Learn More

  10. HI DEF Performance Pigments

    HI DEF Performance Pigments

    Look closely these colors! Can you see all that texture! Blinding beauty, cooool! Create head turning beauty with our Hi Def Performance Pigments. Each color in our range adds a whole lotta character to your personal style with crystals that shine so bright, that they will leave you speechless, they are so darn beautiful. Create runway ready looks, use for stage performances and tv, for fashion shoots or everyday glamor. Dare to be different by applying these colors as an eyeshadow using our Mini, Medium or Large Tapered Eyeshadow and Concealor brush, Large Tapered Eyeshadow Brush or Angled Eyeshadow Crease Brush, or as rockin' colored eyeliner with our Trans-fix Eyeliner Transformer. Learn More