Our Faceware collection of products combine together the perfect synergy to deliver a flawless, velvety finish. Use our Camera Ready primer to set the stage giving your skin the nutrients it needs and to prep the skin for makeup foundation application. Then use our huge array of colors for any skin tone or texture in Hi Def liquid, Creme or Mineral foundation with our miraculous concealer to correct, smooth out uneven skin tones while your skin is able to breathe through. Your skin will look picture perfect once you set your look with one of our fabulous powders - our Oil Control Powder, Mineral Powder or Dual Finish to keep your makeup in place. None of our products are tested on animals. They are cruelty-free, vegan, fragrance-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic.



  1. Pro Palette - Neutral

    TRIO Concealor

    Say "NO MORE!” to dark circles and bags under your eyes, blemishes, red spots and other imperfections and get ready for the perfect flawless texture that will have eyes pop out and have heads a turnin'. Your once tired looking eyes will be full of vitality and you will feel energized when this concealer gives you the ability to cover even the most difficult imperfections without makeup looking cakey. The surface of your skin will appear smooth and silky because you now have the ability to attain the perfect coverage and texture with our amazing range of colors that can be blended in order to give you the perfect coverage. You can also use this concealor on your hands, when you have turned from cougar to a leopard and want to cover up any age spots. You can also create the illusion of a quick manicure by brushing color over the cuticles. This amazing three in one professional concealor works great on virtually any skin tone. With the perfect amount of pigment, this product works to bounce light up into the eyes and make your circles vanish! This versatile product used my many professional make up artists can be worn alone or on top of your foundation. Learn More

  2. Bronze Baby

    BRONZE BABY Liquid Bronzer

    A TAN-talizing quick drying bronze luminizer. Instantly gives your skin a sexy flawless bronze glo, without streaking. Learn More

  3. COLOR THERAPY Pressed Blush

    COLOR THERAPY Pressed Blush

    Our brilliantly inspired pressed powdered cheek colors are like fine art paints for your face. The energizing colors and textures are a gift we give to you, thoughtfully created to help you bring out your true self. These flowery colors, textures and shades, create perfect balance and give new life to your face. All of our cheek colors come in both matte (M) and a shimmery opulent shades (P). Apply them delicately, step back and be delighted. No matter how much beauty there is to capture, no matter what your personal style or whatever you are after, what really counts is what’s inside. That’s what is in the heart of our secret formula. That’s what it’s all about. Our magical colors and textures mix well with the chemistry of your skin, just add color where you want it to pop and blend it gently in. Learn More

  4. Picture Perfect Cream Foundation

    PICTURE PERFECT Creme Foundation

    Our world reknowned Picture Perfect Creme Foundation was inspired by exotic faces all over the world and the environments in which they came from. You want perfection, you got it because this foundation nurtures your skin like a Mother would a child. This foundation works like a second skin that was inspired by the moist environment of the jungles and the richness of the forests. It is so natural, that one application can feel like it came straight from the earth to your face. When you wear this foundation formula, it gives your skin the perfect balance between moisture and pigment. Transform the texture of your skin into a flawless appearance with any of our 19 shades that will highlight your ancestry and bring it to life. Because it is a creme formula, it has a higher level of pigment than ordinary foundations have, so you can have a stabilized base for the whole rest of your look to stand upon. Use any of our 9 neutral cool shades to bring out Yin attributes and warm yellow based shades to bring out Yang attributes. Within that spectrum, you are sure to find your perfect shade. Learn More

  5. DOUBLE DUTY Lip and Cheek Cream
  6. Transparent Invisible Blotting Powder

    INVISIBLE Blotting Powder

    Our invisible Blotting Powder is a professional makeup artist staple to have that supermodel look. It is worn by itself or over foundation to set the makeup leaving behind a satin finish that will not cake. This product is the perfect remedy when you are having a beauty emergency. When you are shiny and your inner radiance is bursting through, use our powder to come to the rescue. As you use it say, "Shine be gone!" and lightly pat your face with a powder puff or brush. This outstanding oil control powder will soak up oil as it surfaces throughout the day and it is as lightweight as a feather, so use it as much as your heart desires. You will just love it because the makeup you wear will not build up and look thick by the end of the day. Since the color is transparent, it works well on a variety of skin tones. You will want to carry this product everywhere you go to look picture perfect. Blot here, blot there and target areas such as your t-zone throughout the day. We love it when used on set under hot lights to maintain the beauty all day. Learn More

  7. Camera Ready Primer

    CAMERA READY Face Primer

    This new generation of skin prep sets into motion new ways to set up your skin up powerfully. It provides all of the elements you need to create a foundation for a flawless complexion. It works like building a house, before building on any surface, you need to smooth the surface, fill in any holes and that is exactly what the skin prep does. It fills in the expression lines, smooths over rough skin, masks enlarged pores, renews the skins texture and gives you a serge of moisture where it is needed. Once your prep is done, it provides a buffer between your skin and your makeup foundation which resurfaces the skins texture. When you apply color over your skin, you will love how silky smooth, it now goes on. Your makeup foundation is now solid and is now built to last throughout the day. After that everything you apply on top, becomes icing on the cake. Learn More

  8. Mineral Icing Sugar Wand Highlighter

    MINERAL ICING Sugar Wand Highlighter

    Our Mineral Icing Sugar Wand is way more than just a powder, it is an experience. This richly pigmented face and body shimmer texturizer pumps up the glamour on your skin with pure minerals to the umpteen level and is so versatile. Once you have applied your makeup, apply one stroke of your favorite color onto your face or body and you will be off and running because once you see how it transforms the texture of your skin, you will want to dip your whole body in it. Once you have highlighted your features and applied the color onto your facial features, arms, chest and legs, you will suddenly feel like you have been thrusted into the limelight. The intense, metallic colors are so gorgeous you will be amazed at how they catch your skin and makes it look like it has been lit up. And as you will see, once the color has been applied and you look at yourself in the mirror, your inner light will come shining through and will continue to expand until your energy encapsulates the whole entire room. So get ready for the limelight and your five seconds of fame, come on your fans are waiting! Whether you are going to a party, special event, getting married, being on camera or whether you are in a performance. The choice is yours to determine what light you want to be seen in and the level of impact you want to make. Learn More

  9. HI DEF  Foundation Liquid

    HI DEF Foundation Liquid

    Our new Hi Definition Liquid Foundation will get you ready for the spotlight in no time! Learn More