Our Mineral Icing Sugar Wand is way more than just a powder, it is an experience. This richly pigmented face and body shimmer texturizer pumps up the glamour on your skin with pure minerals to the umpteen level and is so versatile. Once you have applied your makeup, apply one stroke of your favorite color onto your face or body and you will be off and running because once you see how it transforms the texture of your skin, you will want to dip your whole body in it. Once you have highlighted your features and applied the color onto your facial features, arms, chest and legs, you will suddenly feel like you have been thrusted into the limelight. The intense, metallic colors are so gorgeous you will be amazed at how they catch your skin and makes it look like it has been lit up. And as you will see, once the color has been applied and you look at yourself in the mirror, your inner light will come shining through and will continue to expand until your energy encapsulates the whole entire room. So get ready for the limelight and your five seconds of fame, come on your fans are waiting! Whether you are going to a party, special event, getting married, being on camera or whether you are in a performance. The choice is yours to determine what light you want to be seen in and the level of impact you want to make.