Our Invisible Oil Blotting Powder is a professional makeup artist staple to have that supermodel look. It is worn by itself or over foundation to set the makeup leaving behind a satin finish that will not cake. This product is the perfect remedy when you are having a beauty emergency. When you are shiny and your inner radiance is bursting through, use our powder to come to the rescue. As you use it say, "Shine be gone!" and lightly pat your face with a powder puff or brush. This outstanding oil control powder will soak up oil as it surfaces throughout the day and it is as lightweight as a feather, so use it as much as your heart desires. You will just love it because the makeup you wear will not build up and look thick by the end of the day. Since the color is transparent, it works well on a variety of skin tones. You will want to carry this product everywhere you go to look picture perfect. Blot here, blot there and target areas such as your t-zone throughout the day. We love it when used on set under hot lights to maintain the beauty all day.