Hold onto your seat, because you are about to go on a wild ride. Deep, deep down inside, your creative urges are brewing and can't wait to come out! Once you get your hands on one of our Luxware Duo 3-D Texturizing Lipglosses, you will have the key to release all of that deep seeded energy. Once you have opened the door, beauty is going to erupt into a hip, hot, sexy style. Is the world ready? You are going to find out. It is about to get steamy around here and if you are young, then just cover your ears. All you have to do is just choose your favorite combination of our creamy rich lip shades with our moisturizing glosses that ignites your desire. You will feel an instant connection to the perfect shade that is right for you. Each color combination is a match made in heaven that creates a dynamic tension that sparks pure passion and aliveness. It is going to get intense, because on one side is our firey lipstick that will bring out a smoldering heat within you and on the other side is our moist gloss that is as wet and refreshing as water. Move back and forth between the two to create a perfect dance of color, texture and movement. Every time you wash your lips with our mouthwatering shades, you will feel energy rising to the surface, giving your look a new level of freshness and vitality to your face that is out of this world. It is just one of those things that can't be talked about, only experienced. So apply your rich creamy lipstick liberally to give your lips a punch of color, that will build and build and build up more and more and more and more, until it becomes so intense you just want to SCREAM! Whew! And before it is too late, twirl your lip color around to the gloss and throw some water on those lips to put out that fire and then watch all that steam come alive on your lips. Ahhhhhh, what a release! It is like an explosion of beauty has come out! Now, just sit back and relax, continue to use your gloss to break up the intensity levels and to capture dimension. Watch the gloss catch the light and create a scandalous shine, with a story behind the scenes that will last for a very, very long time.