Are you ready for your close up? Your five seconds of fame could come at any given moment and you want to be prepared. Our eye and lip primer is the must have thing to keep your eye shadow and lipstick looking fresh and staying put while you’re in the hot seat, under hot lights or any other hot situation. To be a star, you need to think like one. To have your look last, the key is to apply your makeup in layers, so that eight hours later you look like you were just in makeup and you are prepared for anything, even close up. As you apply this soft silky product onto your eyes followed by applying your eyeshadow, you will notice your eyeshadow having greater blendability. This is a no smudge solution. Your eyeshadow will stop wearing off and be crease free by the end of the day. It is like a real life fairy tale ending! If you do the same to your lips using your Retractable Lip Brush and then apply your lip color on top, the results will have mouths dropping to the floor in amazement. Your lips will stop feathering, gloss will stop fading and colors will stay fresh too. You see, to have your makeup be a masterpiece all day, you need to have a foundation in which everything creative stands. This product gives you the keys to the kingdom, because really what is the point in creating all that beauty, if it is just going to fade away?