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MATTE Lipstick

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Whether you are a vixen with a crooked halo or a pretty smart damsel with a grown up taste for Mozart, you will be charmed by our vast array of luscious lip colors. Whatever your attitude our Matte Lipsticks are the perfect match to boost your energy while bringing beauty and glam to your lips. Find a color that speaks to you and you will love how it looks and feels on your lips. Each of our colors has an intense personality of its own that can be worn independently or with others. Our colors seduce the inner you to sing out and find new cadence and rhythm you may have not known existed. Supercharge your energy and express your wild side with our high volume reds, these colors put your lips on loudspeaker so you have no doubt that what you say is heard loud and clear. These Xtreme colors will be seen from miles away, there will be no mystery in the message coming out of your mouth, unless of course, it is your intention to leave them wondering. And when you are ready to slow down the pace, our brown tones are grounding and put a smile on your face. Relax, chic out, and see the beauty that explodes in and around you.
  • 101 Buh-Bye M
  • 103 Not Shy M
  • 104 Ruby Ruby M
  • 108 Malinda M
  • 109 Crimson M
  • 110 Play Me M
  • 111 Plum Down M
  • 112 Vino Noir M
  • 115 Marilyn M
  • 116 Game On M
  • 117 Pink Soda M
  • 118 Perky M
  • 119 Nirvana M
  • 120 Rapunzel M
  • 122 Hello Peaches M
  • 123 Superstar M
  • 124 Galaxy M
  • 125 Hula Hoop M
  • 126 Instant Wow M
  • 128 Revenge M
  • 130 La Orange M
  • 138 Liaison M
  • 139 Iconic M
  • 140 Bar Crawl M
  • 145 Sugar Twin M
  • 147 Respect M
  • 148 Hot Tamale
  • 154 French Kiss V
  • 155 Velvet Crush V
  • 156 Amp Up M
  • 82 Beatrice S
  • 83 Slept-in V
  • 84 Peony S
  • 85 Tutti Fruitti S
  • 86 Just out M
  • 87 Bambi S
  • 88 Fetching S
  • 91 Geisha M
  • 92 Urbanista M
  • 93 Flattery M
  • 94 Mimi V
  • 96 Intoxicate M
  • 97 Whirly Girl M
  • 98 Mentor M
  • 99 Role Model M



When you have picked your perfect shade whether super intense or naturally you, apply your lip liner to define your lip shape and keep your lips from feathering. Then pull out your Tapered or Retractable Lip Brush and sweep it across the top of the color. Layer by layer add color to your desired level of color intensity and depth. To keep those lips looking fresh all day, you will want to drink through a straw. And don't forget to check for lipstick on your teeth before you walk out the door! TOP SELLERS: Taupe, Shrimp, Mocha, Glam, Seduce, Mocha, Rio, Plush, Halo, Russians


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