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Experience the smooth, taste sensations of our sweet Loose Leaf Navel Chakra Beauty Tea. Once brewed, you will love its mouthwatering flavors that will spark states of ecstasy. Experience intimate moments of pure pleasure with every sip of this fruity tea with ingredients of Jasmine flower, Damiana, Poppy flower, Pennyroyal, Strawberry Leaf and Licorice Root. Our Navel Chakra Tea is meant to tune you into also aspects of your emotions and sexuality so that you can experience fluidity, pleasure, relaxation and become inspired to manifest anything you desire. As you consume the tea in your body, the healing effects are potent. This blend of herbs is nature’s medicine and works holistically to heal and purify your whole body, while giving you nutrients that will help your system flow.

Signs of being blocked in your Navel Chakra:

Water weight gain


Sexual problems


Emotional instability or numbness

Urinary tract infections

Hormonal Imbalances

Menstrual Pain/PMS symptoms

Sweet Cravings

This Chakra Beauty Tea cleanses the whole Navel Chakra area section of the body – the hips, abdomen, genitals, and lower back to prevent blocked energy in those areas. Whenever your system is clear and energy is flowing, the skin is clear, vital and radiant. When it is out of balance from eating too many sweets and fruits and lack of water intake, emotional imbalances that cause stress, the body becomes too acidic and all of these signs show up on the skin as blemishes around the mouth canker sores, dry skin and dark circles under the eyes.



Usage: As a Tea: Herbal Remedy: We recommend that you drink our Navel Chakra Beauty Tea for its healing effects each morning and evening, you only need 1 teaspoon per cup of water and let it simmer. If you wish to add more sweetness, we suggest adding orange peel, dried fruit like apricots and Agave Necter. Herbal Remedy: You can also grind the tea up and put it into capsules to use the potent healing effects of the whole plant. Take this blend as a healing herb for physical conditions associated with the Navel Chakra will work holistically to open the Navel Chakra. We recommend doing this for one month. Bath: Create a Tea bath by placing the Navel Chakra Beauty Tea into a tea bag and then put into the bath water. Experience the all encompassing effects.


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