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Picture Perfect Cream Foundation Zoom

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PICTURE PERFECT Creme Foundation

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Our world reknowned Picture Perfect Creme Foundation was inspired by exotic faces all over the world and the environments in which they came from. You want perfection, you got it because this foundation nurtures your skin like a Mother would a child. This foundation works like a second skin that was inspired by the moist environment of the jungles and the richness of the forests. It is so natural, that one application can feel like it came straight from the earth to your face. When you wear this foundation formula, it gives your skin the perfect balance between moisture and pigment. Transform the texture of your skin into a flawless appearance with any of our 19 shades that will highlight your ancestry and bring it to life. Because it is a creme formula, it has a higher level of pigment than ordinary foundations have, so you can have a stabilized base for the whole rest of your look to stand upon. Use any of our 9 neutral cool shades to bring out Yin attributes and warm yellow based shades to bring out Yang attributes. Within that spectrum, you are sure to find your perfect shade.

  • cf-c3
  • cf-c4
  • cf-c5
  • cf-c6
  • cf-c7
  • cf-c8
  • cf-c9
  • cool neutral FN10
  • cool neutral FN11
  • cool neutral FN3
  • cool neutral FN4
  • cool neutral FN5
  • cool neutral FN7
  • cool neutral FN8
  • cool neutral FN9



You will want to first prep your skin with Camera Ready Primer and then apply Trio Concealor. Once you have chosen your perfect shade, you will want to pull out the compact and use our Angled Foundation Brush to dip into the pigment. As you apply to your skin, feel the rich creamy texture glide effortlessly over the curves of your bone structure. Let the product sit and simmer as it mixes within the chemistry of your skin. Apply your concealor if needed. Then, go back to look at how your foundation has transformed the texture of your skin, from being moist, to drying in a matte powdery finish that is simply incredible.


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