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Our 6 oz Root Chakra Spritz is used to clear blocked energy so that you can express your full creative self. When energy of the chakras are blocked, it is like holding a bent water hose – the water can’t flow through. When the hose is no longer bent, a floodgate of water pours through. The same applies to the chakras. When your energy is flowing you feel creative, energized and open. This occurs on a mind, body and spiritual level.

It is no accident that you were drawn to this blend of Root Chakra exotic oils.You are drawn to exactly what you need to create balance in your life. The Root Chakra blend will remove energy blocks in your Root Chakra to open it up and create stability and balance in every area of your life.

Signs that you have an imbalance in your Root Chakra include:

· feeling a lack of support and nurturing

· feeling isolated and as if you don’t belong

· being disconnected to your life’s purpose

· feeling as if you are on “automatic

· feeling as if you can’t move forward

· being unorganized, scattered and ungrounded

· having family problems and sexual issues

· being overly conscious about time and the aging process

. having lower back pain, foot pain or knee problems.

· being overweight, having constipation issues and bad acne

How do you know that the Root Chakra Spritz has worked?

· You now feel stable within yourself

· Life is like an adventure

· You are thinking outside of the box

· Spending more time in nature (hiking, biking, walking)

· Re-organizing your home or work place

· Having access to new resources

· Thriving instead of “surviving”

· Creating a new diet and exercise program

· Feeling grounded and as if you now belong

· Having freedom around finances

· Feeling connected to your family and community

· Having a healthy sex life


The multiple ways to use the Root Chakra Spritz. Inhale our intoxicating Root Chakra Spritz and you will instantly feel alive, energized and connected to the power of nature. To open your Root Chakra and to get your Kundalini to rise, apply the essential oil onto the Root Chakra located at the base of your spine. Environmental Fragrancing - This multi-purpose oil can be used to spark creativity within any environment by Spritzing into the environment to create sacred space. Meditation – For an intense chakra balancing meditation, wave it under your nose to amplify the senses for an extensive period of time. Spritz over the head after the meditation to enliven the senses. Exercise – Spritz above and around your body to open up your root chakra before exercising. Follow by exercising your legs, lower spine and buttocks. And for a spiritual experience do Kundalini Yoga. Whenever you have a tough time doing an exercise, spritz over your head, focus on the scent and continue doing the exercise. Focus on the fragrance to move through the energy of the posture. You can also do Hatha Yoga, Tribal Dancing, Biking or Walking exercises that focuses attention on the Root chakra of the body. Massage - Turn your Chakra Balancing Healing massage into an enlivening experience. Spritz the entire body after having a Swedish or Sensual Massage. Healing - Great for enhancing the experience of Reflexology, Herbology, Shamanic Journeywork, Chiropractic Work or Pedicures. Use the Spritz to break up blocked energy. Bath - Create a Sacred bath experience with your Spritz. While in the bath hold it under the nose while meditating and after wards to enliven the senses. Spritz when the bath water gets hot as well to relax and rejuvenate the body. (We also recommend adding violet flower petals and red color therapy to your bath to enhance your experience.) Daily Beauty Routine – Clear the energy of the chakras as you invent your day. Spritz onto your skin after applying your moisturizer each day, followed by applying your makeup. Skincare - Spritz onto your face before applying makeup to inspire Chakra Beauty Makeup. Water - Add to water to create Healing Beauty Waters and drink. Throughout the day - Spritz to clear the mind, removing blocked energy and for creative inspiration. Artwork - Spritz on the canvas to bring in inspiration from nature. This oil brings in inspiration from the Forest and Jungle environments. Goalsetting - Spritz over the head to open your intuition and to become inspired by what you want to create in your life. Ingredients: Pure essence oils of element angelica root, frankincense carteri, vetiver, petigrain, lavender, with other essential oils with spring water infused with flower essences and clear quartz.


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