1. NOURISH Luxurous Hand Cream

    NOURISH Luxurous Hand Cream

    When you rub your hands together can you feel the sound of sand paper? When this happens, and it does happen to us all on occasion, clearly an act of love is missing from your beauty routine. This issue will never be a problem for you when you baby your hands using our "Nourish" luxurious hand cream. No matter what your skin type you have, it will work for you. When you squeeze a little cream on your hands, and gently rub your hands together - the first thing you will notice is how intensely moisturizing it is and that it penetrates deeply into the skin without leaving it with a greasy, oily residue. It is so emollient you are going to love, love, love it! A little goes a long way! Now smell your hands - the fragrance is sooooooo divine and never overpowering! You can also apply it to your chest, neck and arms - wherever your body needs intense moisture. Just watch the healing powers of this lotion take effect as you blend in the cream. In an instant, your skins texture becomes renewed, softened and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles fade far, far away. And, you can even see that the skin tone looks brighter and the color evens out. Our hand lotion comes straight from nature to the palms of your hands and fingertips with a special concoction that is a blend of avocado, jojoba oil, shea butter and aloe. Just look at your hands! Transformation has taken place - do your hands now look better or what? It is now time to dip yourself in some diamonds, put rings on your fingers and bells on your toes. Okay world here you come, you are ready to go! ALL SKIN TYPES Learn More

  2. REJUVENATE Omega 3 Body Lotion

    REJUVENATE Omega 3 Body Lotion

    Look closely, is your skin so bone dry that it looks like the scales of a lizard? Or elbows and knees so ashy that the color is unrecognizable? Well say no more and go from ashy to classy in seconds. It is clearly time to lotion yourself up, so that your skin is as smooth as a baby's butte. Our "Rejuvenate" Omega 3 hemp body lotion is exactly what the doctor ordered. Its ultra hydrating, luxurious healing affects for the skin are ridiculous. Try it first on your legs and arms, it won't take long until you will want to dip your whole body in this stuff because your skin will transform before your very eyes. Once you apply your lotion if you listen close you can hear the skin drinking in the moisture. All jokes aside, once your skin is moist you will see a noticeable difference because what is left behind is the most beautiful, radiant subtle, healthy looking skin. You are going to love this product so much that it will soon be a staple in your beauty routine. You have been warned! It is easy to get addicted to feeling of this silky smooth feeling all over your body. This lotion is easily absorbable and glides right in to create a state of perfection. Just look into the mirror and see, no matter what your skin type, it will nurture your skin from head to toe, while you " love on" every inch of your body. You will think, why have I waited so long, to get this feeling? And soon you will be coming back for more! ALL SKIN TYPES Learn More